#SuccessfulAttitude is an education based lecture series for adults, young adults, and schools students to instill self confidence, goal achievement, STEM support, and leadership qualities, using aviation as the catalyst for instruction. Total immersion in all things aviation is conducted at local airports where grades 4-12 or custom ages learn careers in the aviation community in addition to flying. The emphasis is on self improvement. The result is new found motivation toward studies and resolving issues of fear.

Aviation Camps of the Carolinas is the name of the single day life altering camp conducted on airport property. #AviationCarolinaKids are encouraged to send out social updates throughout the day so friends and family can see what they are experiencing.

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Success Is An Attitude™

At #successfulattitude, let me show you how to be your own success story so you too will “Place one foot in front of the other.” “Don’t look back.” “Stand Tall.” “Live a comfortable life with, oh yeah, a significant retirement package.”

Dates for 9-13 year olds

Camp Dates are as follows:

Oct 27th;    4th – 8th graders
Dec 27th;    4th – 8th graders
Mar 27th;   4th – 8th graders
Jun 26th;    4th – 8th graders

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Boy Scouts, sign up with the
9th – 12th graders, October 28th.
Once class limit is reached, registration will close.

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Public Speaking

My message connects with audiences from grade schools to corporations. Goal Achievement, Brace for Impact and Diversity are the focus of each talk with specifically crafted presentations offered by request.

Dates for 14-17 year olds

Camp Dates are as follows:

Oct 28th;    9th – 12th graders
Dec 28th;    9th – 12th graders
Mar 28th;   9th – 12th graders
Jun 27th;    9th – 12th graders